A different Friday in Newcastle

December 4, 2009

It’s been a bit of an unusual Friday for me, and with a lack of personal posts on this blog, I thought I might fill you in on my day.

Our little boy turned one this week, so here’s a cute photo of him answering his phone to start off. Hello?

The morning kicked off with [#NewcastleCoffee](https://twitter.com/#search?q=%23newcastlecoffee) at [Sprocket](http://www.sprocketroasters.com.au/), a meetup of locals on Friday morning for coffee and a chat. When you work for yourself, it’s great to get out of the home office and meet some real people. Who says Twitter & Facebook lead to less social interaction?

Here’s a photo of some of those attending. The toes are mine. Topics of discussion included politics (spill anyone?), kids, small business, HR, cameras, networking and much more. Anybody’s welcome.

Newcastle Coffee attendees

After coffee, I went for a bit of a walk and got started on a personal photography project of mine. Here’s just a little taste: what if the world was just Nobby’s Beach? (I’d probably have to claim dibs on the lifesaver building.)

Nobby's Beach panorama sphere, Newcastle Australia.

From there I checked out the Hunter Street Mall. It’s now open to one-way traffic, which means there’s a few lines painted in and the odd carpark. Apparently $300,000 of our rates went to fund that.

Anyway, what’s walking down the mall without being accosted by a charity or two? I turned the tables, and got Narelle and Colin from [Plan International](http://plan-international.org/), a children’s sponsorship organisation, to pose for a photo.

Portrait in Hunter St Mall, Newcastle.

Then it was time to finish up, and head back home to get some ‘real’ work done. I’ll leave you with where you’d like to be this afternoon.

And a bit more of a traditional view of Nobby’s. Lovely day for the beach.

Nobby's Beach, Newcastle Australia.

Have a tops weekend.

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