Amanda and Keith down at the lake

January 9, 2009

This is Keith and Amanda’s engagement shoot from mid-December. With all the Christmas craziness and the excitement of a baby, I haven’t gotten around to posting their shoot. With their wedding tomorrow, it’s time to get a few photos up before it’s too late.

I’ve known Keith for a few years now, and I have to say that Amanda is the perfect girl for him. They’re both engineers, but still love having crazy fun. (I can say that: I have an engineering degree too.)

Hope you enjoy these photos, and there’ll be more of them to come after the wedding!

Warabrook lake

Keith asked Amanda to marry him at a picnic down by the Warabrook lake, and so they thought it would be nice to head down there for this shoot. I’ve omitted any photos of ducks for your sake.

Titanic re-enactment down at Warabrook play area.

Does this scene look familiar at all? At least there were definitely no icebergs around.

Walking down the road.

We also stopped by the roses at Jesmond Park for a few moments.

A quiet moment at Jesmond Park.
A rose by any other name? Roses at Jesmond park.

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