Amanda and Keith’s wedding

February 4, 2009

Keith and Amanda got married on January 10th of this year. The weather was kind to us, and everyone had a great day. The centre of Newcastle really does make a great place for weddings, not just because of the photos.

We spent some time in Civic Park, where the flowers were in full bloom and the fountain was keeping the air cool. From there we headed over to King Edward Park and kicked out the evening cinema setup people for some photos under the rotunda. (Ask me if you want to know how you can do this! :) ) We finished up down at the beach at Nobby’s before heading off to the evening celebrations.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow and photos below.

A moment at the fountain

Amanda ready to leave

Inside the church

Outside the church

Another close moment

The bridal party at the fountain

Leaves in the air

The rotunda at King Edward Park

Swirling veil

Closeup at the rotunda

Another moment

Enjoying the beach

Up and close at the beach

The rings

(The song in the slideshow is [Sleepy Thought](, by Josh Woodward.)

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