Good times at the Australian Professional Photography Awards

May 29, 2012

From Friday to Sunday just gone was the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs) for 2012. This is the hallmark awards for the Australian professional photography community and is considered to be one of the toughest competitions internationally. The APPAs cover all genres of photography. To win an award at APPAs demands the highest level or creative and technical skill both in taking the photograph and preparing a physical print from the ‘digital negative’. We have been working especially hard these last few years to be the best photographers we can – to not only ensure our clients are happy but to ensure our peers and photography legends (the judges!) consider our work to be among the best in the country. (Here’s a previous post on why we think awards are important.)

After Josh’s huge success at the NSW photography awards, we waited with bated breath to see how we would fare at the national level, with the toughest judging.

This year Josh was rewarded. Josh won 4 silvers, 1 with distinction. That is, every image he entered won! A rare feat achieved by few photographers and far more than we expected. While winning awards don’t make you a great photographer, the journey to do so certainly helps. These four winning images means Josh moves from Accredited Photographer, to Associate of the AIPP.

Giuls, not to be out-done, had 1 of her 3 images awarded with a silver distinction (and it scored higher than Josh’s 😉

The other thing we noticed, and only after the fact, is that these images encompass much of the ‘style’ of what we capture on a wedding day. There’s the little things happening in the background, the details of the day, the locations that each couple choose for their memories, the intimate, emotional moments, and the quirky things that make each and every wedding unique… and fun!

So with out further ado, here are the winning images.

-Josh & Giuls


Boy in suit having his teeth brushed, then hiding from the camera.

For this little boy, having his photo taken was worse than having his teeth brushed. But his trying to hide meant a silver distinction in the Wedding (Photojournalistic) category for Giuls.

Flowers in lit inset

The bouquet is an important part of the wedding theme. So it’s good to show it off. Silver distinction for Josh.

Landscape Sunset with bride & groom

Not everyone wants a giant photo of themselves on the wall, so we often find our “wedding landscapes” to be popular as a larger print, and this one is a great example of that particular style. Doesn’t this capture the feel of the afternoon well? Silver for Josh.


Bride and groom during first dance

An emotional moment, which captures what the first dance should be about… a chance to hold each other closely. Silver for Josh.

Groomsmen's feet on the wall

A little quirkier, this shot of the groomsmen’s feet when they were just sitting on the wall and relaxing got the gold at NSW state awards. Didn’t do quite as well at national awards, but still a silver for Josh.


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