Ellen and Sam get married

October 30, 2008

After weddings in Port Macquarie and Newcastle, the next location to head to was… [Gunnedah](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunnedah)!
It certainly felt like a typical laid back country town on the Saturday we were there for Ellen and Sam’s wedding.

So just how relaxed was it? Well, Ellen’s shoes somehow went missing. For most brides this would be a tragedy, but not for Ellen, who was happy to walk down the aisle barefoot! (You can just barely tell in the photo outside the church below.)

After the ceremony we headed off for some photos to the family farm. Whether on the dusty gravel road, in the farm machinery ‘graveyard’ or in the middle of a canola field; everyone had a ton of fun and we got quite a few unique shots. Hope you enjoy them, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Ellen, the radiant bride.

Australian native bridal bouquet.
Kiss outside the church, Gunnedah.
In the shade of the tree, Gunnedah.
Sam's a happy man, leaping from the road.
Bride and groom in the old machinery yard.
Bridal party hanging out on the tractor, a farm near Gunnedah.
The groomsmen do some climbing on old equipment.
A sort of bouquet toss by the bridesmaids. Canola field near Gunnedah.
Bride and groom sitting in the canola field, with a country Australia sky. Gunnedah.
Just a reflective moment.
Bride and groom at an old farmcart in the shade.

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