Below are a selection of Frequently Asked Questions by our clients,but
if the following doesn’t answer your query then please contact us.

Section 1 – Choosing your Photographer

Q1. What should I look for in a photographer?

This is the person you are trusting to record memories of one of the happiest (and let’s face it, most expensive) days of your life. It’s a big deal, so you should choose someone who has experience.

Look for someone who you can communicate well with, who understands your unique style and can produce creative wedding photography especially for you. You should also make sure your chosen photographer has the technical ability and all the equipment to do the job. Always check their shots from previous weddings to make sure you are happy with how other events were documented throughout the day, and review the quality. Where possible, ask to see printed copies of the photos and look through full wedding albums to make sure you are happy with their final product.

Q2. So why should we choose Living Light Photography?

So that you and your partner can enjoy the best day of your life knowing that we are prepared for anything and won’t miss a shot. Because you will get a beautiful photographic record of all the precious moments of your day, and will be spoiled for choice when deciding on your favourites.

Because you’d rather not spend time fussing over the technical detail but you want exquisite photos that truly capture your unique love story. Because you value quality and want flawless prints in perfect colour and the finest wedding album on the market.

And because we think you’ll like us.

Q3. Do you use a second photographer?

It depends on the specifics of your wedding. For the most part we don’t feel it’s necessary unless there are particular reasons. But if this is really important to you we can bring in one of our associates.

Q4. How long have you been shooting weddings?

Living Light have been in the wedding photography business since 2007 and have shot hundreds of weddings.

When should I book my photographer?

Most couples book their photographer right after they book their venues. We think this makes sense because we need a specific date to secure the booking. If you are sure about the sort of photography you want and you are sure you have found the photographer who will give you that, then we suggest you book as soon as you can. A perfect match like that is worth holding on to.

Q5. How far do you travel to shoot weddings?

As Newcastle and Hunter Valley wedding photographers our main stomping ground is the Newcastle and Hunter region of NSW. But we like new horizons as well, so if you have something special in mind, just give us a call. Most of our work is done between Sydney and Port Stephens. We love Hunter Valley Weddings, have no travel cost to that pretty destination and can suggest some amazing locations and photo ideas in that area.

To date we have travelled to Brisbane, Canberra, Port Macquarie (a personal favourite) and Western NSW locations like Gunnedah and Dubbo.

Because we are local to Newcastle City we are familiar with the best spots so we can help with your wedding photo ideas. We are also friendly with some helpful locals and have some particularly clever solutions should the weather turn inclement.

Q6. What if you (say) get hit by a bus the day before the wedding?

Then it will be a very bad day for me… but the show will go on! And we have plans in place to make sure we honour our commitment to shoot your wedding, no matter what.

Q8. I’m just not sure.

Then let’s meet. We want you to be comfortable with your choice and to be assured that in choosing us, you will not be let down. So let’s catch up, have a coffee and talk about how we can help make your big day unforgettable. That way, we can also give you a better understanding of the right wedding photography package for you, the full costs, and some of our ideas to make your very special style shine in your photographs.

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Section 2 – How Can I book?

Q9. We want you! Can you hold the date?

We put your names exclusively on your special date once the deposit has been received. We have found this to be the best and fairest policy for all couples. The deposit is 50% of your chosen package. Of course we will also need to make sure the date you want isn’t already booked.

Q10. Ok, so I want to book. What next?

Call us! Or email is ok too. The first step is making sure we are available the date of your wedding. Then it’s just a matter of signing an electronic contract (no annoying paper to print and scan!) and paying your deposit which can be done via eftpos or credit card while on the phone, or by direct deposit.
Once we have the deposit and signed contract we’ll lock in your date and start the fun part of dreaming up wonderful ways to capture your love and get the wedding photos of your dreams.

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Section 3 – Before the Wedding

Q11. So what’s the deal with the Forever Session?

This is our take on the traditional engagement session and its great fun. We shoot for about an hour and get some gorgeous photos of you and your soul mate. Because of weekend wedding commitments we usually do these shoots of an evening between Tuesdays and Thursdays. This works out beautifully with the light, and gives a point of difference to your wedding pics.

Couples like to use it as an opportunity to get to know us better and to practice their moves before the big day. It helps everyone feel more relaxed and can make your wedding even more enjoyable because by then we will definitely be friends! We love these shoots because it gets rid of the wedding day jitters, and we get to learn all about you in a more natural setting.

Q12. What do I get for the Forever Session?

Included in the package is your photography session and a set of sharing files which are perfect for online use and making regular size prints. If you purchase a large framed print or any of our special print packages, we will give you a set of high res files as a bonus.

Q13. Can you help us run to schedule?

Yes. We have been to a lot of weddings so we have a lot of experience in the small details that make a wedding day run smoothly. And because we always have one eye on the clock, are focused on the crowd and are talking with you, we are usually very well placed to help direct proceedings. We want to help however we can, really, so just tell us your plans for the day and anything you might need. We can offer advice, practical assistance and a surprisingly diverse range of skills from driver to crowd control… All while taking fabulous photos.

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Section 4 – On the  Day

Q14. When will you arrive on our wedding day?

Depending on your coverage, Josh usually arrives 2 hours before the girls leave for the ceremony, this may seem like alot of time but it flys! At this stage it’s ideal if everyone’s got hair and makeup finished, ideally with a glass of champas in hand!

Q15. Do you cover the guys getting ready too?

If we can at all make it work – yes!  As long as you are all roughly in the same location, we can make it work.

Q16. Do we need to feed you at our reception?

Yes please. It can be a tremendously long day for us and lasting the distance is impossible without food in our bellies. It is best for us to be fed while you are eating simply because people don’t photograph so well with food in their mouths, so that’s an ideal time for a break for us. We’ll be back on the job and cheerful as chips by the time everyone has finished their meals.

Q17. What if the party is rocking and we decide we’d like you to shoot longer?

This is no problem; weddings are fun! We get it! We can keep snapping but additional fees may apply. We do go through this prior to the wedding along some other what if’s that sometimes come up, so we don’t have to get bogged down in the detail in the middle of the party.

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Section 5 – What happens after my wedding?

Q18. How many photos will we get?

You’ll get hundreds. There is no definitive number because it depends what happens on the day and how long we shoot for. But we don’t limit the number of shots. Usually we deliver between about 400 and 800 images per wedding.

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Section 6 – Do I get the High Res files?

Q19. Can I print the files I get? Are they watermarked?

We also deliver you high res files that are not watermarked, and yes, you can print as many as you like. However, we suggest that these files are used for making smaller prints and as a back-up. If you want larger prints made, we can help you get the best prints possible.

Simply put, to get a good quality print you need the right materials and a fair bit of technical understanding. Anything less results in a disappointing print and unhappy couples. It also breaks our hearts because it doesn’t do the original photo justice. In addition, the big store photo printers are set up to deal with digital images from consumer cameras and don’t perform well with professionally edited photos.

We feel that no one cares more about getting you a flawless print for your photos than we do. We are one of the few local photography studios that print in-house. So as part of our commitment to delivering you the best possible results, all of our wedding photography packages include prints. If you want to print more, let’s talk!

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Section 7 – Boring But Important

Q20. Do you have insurance?

Absolutely. We hope we don’t have to use it, but it is there for us, for you and for our equipment… (This is also good because it means we don’t have to be too precious about our gear. Whatever it takes to get that magic image!) If you need a certificate of public liability insurance for your venue, please let us know as soon as possible.

Q21. What gear do you use?

We shoot on trusty Canon professional DSLR cameras. We also bring lighting equipment, a lot of technical gear and back-ups for everything we can think of including a ready to shoot second camera. We’ve thought of everything so all you have to think about is having the time of your life.

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