General update

Well, there hasn’t been much activity on the website for a little while. As we come into winter it seems like everything slows down a little. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard both leaving and arriving home in the dark, and it certainly feels like there are fewer hours in the day.

So this post is just an update with several small bits of news, to let you know I’m still alive.

I am now a member of the [Australian Institute of Professional Photography]( (or AIPP). It’s an important part of showing that I take my obligations to you as customers seriously. I am bound by their [code of ethics]( to maintain high standards in my business and photography.

There’ll be a few posts here in the next few days, as I have some family portraits and concert photos to share with you. I’ll also be digging through my archives that date from before the website, to share some of my favourite photos with you.

Living Light Photography on Facebook
Finally, I’ve also added a page for [Living Light Photography]( on Facebook. While there isn’t much there that you can’t find also on this website, if you like what we do, you can become a fan and keep in touch.

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