Geoff and Fiona at Newcastle Beach

July 16, 2009

Geoff and Fiona are one of the most spontaneous couples I’ve yet had the pleasure of working with. You know how most people get nervous when someone points a huge camera at them? These two just laughed it off and went and had a crazy-fun time.

Both Geoff and Fi work in training with [Hunter Bible Church](, and we were able to grab a Thursday lunchtime to enjoy down at Newcastle Beach and the baths for their engagement session. The shoes and socks came off and I believe some jeans got soaked.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and come back for their wedding photos in a few months.

Newcastle Baths old bus shelter.

Newcastle Baths old bus shelter closeup

Newcastle Baths railing pose.

Geoff and Fiona's e-session

Climbing up the railing at Newcastle Baths

Splish splash. Getting wet at Newcastle Baths.

Running through the Newcastle Baths kiddy pool.

More being silly in the Newcastle Baths kiddy pool.

Newcastle Baths kiddy pool reflections.

Up close at Newcastle Baths.

Sunflare at Newcastle Baths

The ring

The piggy-back

Underground tunnel at Newcastle Beach.

Underground tunnel at Newcastle Beach.

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