Sensitive Freight at the Bar on the Hill

June 4, 2008

This last Wednesday night, I went along to see Sensitive Freight, a band with some friends and my brother. They played at the [Bar on the Hill](, a great little venue at the University of Newcastle.

As I always have my camera in tow, I’ve been nominated their “official” photographer :), and so you get to enjoy some photos of the show.

You can check out some of their songs and find out about any upcoming gigs at the [Sensitive Freight myspace page]( or the [Sensitive Freight Facebook page](

Sensitive Freight: the band

Up close with Chris' guitar.
Chris sings out.
Luke has a quiet moment, or maybe it's just concentration.
Geoff's concentrating as well.
Rock on!
Chris sings a happy song.
Getting ready for the drum solo.
The band in action.

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