What’s up with us?

You might be wondering why I’ve been a bit late with the last few blog posts. Well, I’ve just got back from two weeks in South America as a translator with an engineering team – a long story. Most of the time was spent in meetings, so we didn’t get much time off, but we did get a chance to look around Lima, Peru and experience a local festival, amongst a million other things. When I get the chance, I’ll pop a few photos from the trip here.

What’s in store for the next little while? Well, Bec and Dave’s wedding was last Saturday, and Lauren and Steve’s is this weekend (their e-session will be blogged shortly). In between, I’ve squeezed another engagement shoot, and there’s more yet to come. So much for winter being the quiet season! All these will be posted up in the next while, so keep on visiting the site for more photos.

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